three pea’s in a pod

I’m a pretty lucky person. Over time I have made some wonderful friends. I am grateful for this, every single day.

When I was growing up I had a best friend whose family were so welcoming, loving, generous and kind. Their door was always open to us. His parents were so lovely, his brothers and sisters so sweet. I have the best memories of this family. Fast forward to now, my friends little sister has all gown up with a beautiful family of her own. And I have to say, she is still as sweet as ever. April has inherited her parents kind and loving nature, she reminds me so much of them. She has that ‘thing‘ you know? She has always had it, even when she was a little, like sunshine and happiness just radiates from her.

April is married to Corin… true love at its finest. Corin loves his girls so very much, he is kind and sweet and funny. He is absolutely adored and so strongly loved. Melts me. Mix Corin and April together and we get Miss Ruby…. maaannnnnn, I wish I could write better…. Ruby is so beautiful, inside and out. I fell in love with this little darling. She is the perfect combination of her mum, dad, her uncles and auntys, grandma and poppy… she is amazing. She is just beautiful…. beautiful.

These three. Pea’s in a pod …. so close, so strong together, so much L.O.V.E ! We had the best time, thank you Corin, April and Ruby. Thank you for having me, thank you for reminding me how lucky I am… S x

p.s ~ thanks Ma for letting me drag your gorgeous chair down the beach. You rock!

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