{a short film by JAZZY BELLS}

About a week ago my Bella came home from school and asked if she could use my iPad. Being as distracted as I was, I’m sure I muttered something like “yeah sure sweets, go for it“…… A couple of days later Bella and my nephew Jared asked me to take a look at their finished project….. whaaaaaa? project? oh yeah yeah….. iPad, Bella, background noise, yeah I’m with you now….. so I had a look. And I laughed; laughed until my stomach hurt. Bella had been shown at school how to use the iMovie app. They had put their heads together and came up with a ‘Spy’ themed mini movie. It was hilarious. Sooooo, because I was deeply embedded/drowning/consumed in websiteland and I could think of nothing else, I asked them to put together a short little movie to plug Sonnie Mather Photography”…. to go with the blog starting up and all of that. Well, that they did!!! They poured their little hearts and souls into the planning. They sketched the scenes, wrote the script, planned the locations, they had a VISION. I began to take notice, I started to stick my nose in … they accepted my suggestions gracefully and professionally, they even decided to eventually “bring me on board”. It was awesome. To see both of them use their creative minds and come up with such fantastic ideas made my heart swell with pride. 

I love these little dudes so much and nothing makes me more happy than seeing them ‘make things’, create … take pride in what they are doing, love what they are doing. I am so PROUD of them both. They are so very clever. 

I love you Jazzy and I love you Bells Thank you soooooo much xoxo

…….drum roll please



jbath - Yes. That is AMAZE-Balls. Love it!

Robyn - Wow….Bella and Jared that is amazing and brilliant….and my favourite colours….wow…wish you were my kids!!!!!! Clever kids!!!

Anna - That is awesome. Love it!

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