Project 365 January ’15

On New Years day I committed to the “My Four Hen’s Project 365” …. (I also jumped back into “My Four Hen’s Project 52” but that’s my big girl camera thang, another blog post altogether… hmmm I have been a bit slack of late with my blog … I’ll be back very soon if you have missed me)

Project 365 is a photo a day taken with my phone. Easy, fun, fast via Instagram #M4HDOD #M4hP365. The group participants are lovely, feedback is all kind, loving, positive and super encouraging. Sarah (the amazingness behind My Four Hens Photography) puts it all together and is one of the best teachers/photographers/artists/inspirations/friends/human beings in the entire universe. Seriously. I’m pushing you, you have a phone that takes pics – do it! Photographer or not, join in! Now! The gift that you give yourself at the end of the year is totally worth it, really, very special.

At the moment I am excited everyday, looking, wondering, searching for that tiny shot that will make up the year’s worth of iphone pics. It really is a visual diary, how cool is that! I’m easing in and hoping that I will relax and let my guard down more, to document the true ‘us’, capture our daily life no matter how good or bad the day was. I want a true reflection of each day of 2015. I’ll get there… braver by the day.

I’ve decided to blog my pics once a month right here. My instagram is @sonnieleighsonnie (it’s set to private because ummm let’s not go there cough cough erhem hahahah but PLEASE send request, I would love to follow you)

Enough of my chatter, thanks for stopping by ….. here’s our 31 days of January 2015, enjoy xoxo



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