My Jinky Days

Hellooooooo!!! Wow, I haven’t blogged for ages. Time to get my act together I think. Let me start by telling you all about the Jinky Art Workshop I attended a couple of weeks ago. Such a dream of mine. Such a dream of many photographers I know but hey, it’s my blog so I’m allowed to make it all about me right?

(If you are not familiar with Jinky Art … whaaaaat?? where have you been!!!!!…. get familiar right now just so you understand why I am carrying on so much… just do it, don’t argue with me. Press this link THISLINKPRESSITNOWIMEANITDOIT and prepare to be overwhelmed with gorgeousness)

I’ll start by getting the daggy, starstruck, corny stuff out of the way. Holly amazeballs!!! I actually met Barb Uil. In. The. Flesh!!!! Honestly, it was so mind blowing for me. I have had “Jinky Art Workshop” listed on my dream sheet for about the last 4 years. I never thought that I would ever have the opportunity, but I wished for it everyday. See? my dream sheet heebeegeebee stuff really does work! Write it down and look at it EVERY DAY… power of the written word and all that. I believe it! Soooo, back to Barb. Wow, she is so cool. Honest, straight to the point, kind, down to earth, and her imagination, so so so amazing. I am in awe of what she “see’s”, if only I could crawl into her brain… ok, ease up, now that’s getting a bit weird … let me tell you .. as I was sitting in a cosy farm house lounge room surrounded by some pretty freaking awesome local photographers (um hello, already starstruck by these ladies… should I be here? what am I doing here? Is my nose clean? Oh god I’m panic sweating, we’re I’m not worthy, we’re I’m not worthy” )


…we were each given a copy of the precious workbook and a gorgeous leather journal… ooh and a super cute pencil that says “dream a little dream with Jinky Art”. I finally had that workbook locked in my nervous hands. It was really happening. Barb started to talk. Holy shit. I was THERE. Barb is TALKING. IN REAL LIFE!!! It’s BAAAAAARRRRBBBBBB UILLLLLLL JINKY ARRRTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! So naturally being the giant boob that I am, I started to tear up. I could have easily balled my eyes out I was so grateful/happy/lucky/ecstatic. I pulled myself together and told myself to stay cool. Fonz style. Get your shit together Sonnie. You are amongst the Pro’s. Be COOL…. anyway, the whole workshop was basically like that. While trying to stay cool on the outside, inside my head wass exploding with joy. I watched Barb, I listened, I learned, I soaked every minute in. Okaaaay sooooo I may have kinda lost my coolness when I actually told Barb that she was my ‘Elvis Presley’ and that showing her my work was like attempting to sing in front of the King himself…


…possibly a low point. Barb either understood what I was trying to say, or thought that I was absolutely koo koo crazy. Meh. It had to be said. It’s true…..

Jinky Art has a wonderful team and I so loved meeting Shelly , she is lovely.. and Jody, super lovely too… and Barb’s family, her delicious baby boy and her beautiful girls. It’s funny, you watch them grow up through Barb’s work and they are already so familiar to you. Such a wonderful family…. I wonder, would they consider adopting … maybe me? too much? (sorry, not sorry)

The workshop was wonderful. Choc full of shoots. We had gorgeous children, little lambs, horses, fairy floss, families, tea parties, and oh the sunsets!!!  Lovely location, super organised, great food, good coffee. It was just perfect. Barb is pretty much an open book so it was a gift to be able to listen, learn and take in absolutely everything. I would do it all over again. Any day. I loved it and have taken away so much… talk about taking away things, how can I not write about the friendships made? Oh my, the girls… so very lovely, interesting, sweet, talented, strong, beautiful. It was an absolute pleasure to meet each one of you. I’m so happy to say that I made some fabulous new friends…. very clever new friends. I can’t thank you girls enough because each of you make up a huge portion of this workshops greatness. Love you all to pieces. Here, I have to list them. Check out the awesome talent, you will not be disappointed.

Bec from Sunshine Photography Tara from Tara Lee Photography Melissa from Melissa Jean Photography Nadine from Emerald Kids Photography Nic from You and Me Photography Faye from Faye Muirhead Photography  Alicia from Ruby Lee Photography Fem from Eufemia Hope Photography & design Ange from Angela Danielle Photography Dallas from Dallas Ellis Photography Anna from Anna Gilbert Photography

Myself, Nadine, Bec and Ange stayed at Maleny Hotel. It was lovely! We had these cute little old pub style rooms (with reverse cycle air con thank-all-that-is-holy because it was flipping FREEEEEEEEEEZING). My only disappointment was having to make a midnight loo trip (communal bathroom, very clean and modern) and returning to my room with wet bed socks (because of the frost on the floor, nooooo I did not wee my socks). The locals made us feel very welcome and for a couple of nights we made ourselves at home in the good old public bar. Yummy apple ciders, Baileys on ice, a nice cold schooner or two, lot’s of conversation, lot’s of giggles… we had a great time. On the first morning (cold early starts for us) we discovered the BEST bagel/coffee bar on the main street Anthy’s Espresso Juice & Bagel. My WORD the bagels were to DIE for!!!!! Deeeeelicious!!! And the coffee, omg, the coffee was perfection. Highly recommend if you are ever ever ever passing through Maleny, the ladies are fabulous! Here’s some insty’s…


The days were full on and I’m sure I can speak for all of us and report that upon returning home we were exhausted… happy, inspired, hopeful, keen as mustard but sooooo exhausted. Ok so maybe not everyone was as exhausted as me but you know I love an occasional nanny nap and I never sleep well in another bed and I am extremely fussy about my shower water pressure and I am a giant boob but you get my drift. It was awesome and if the opportunity to attend a Jinky Art workshop should ever arise for you, do not hesitate. Do it. I promise you will not be sorry.

Now, I am sure I have talked way too much so I’m going to throw lots of photos at you. I’ve mixed them up. Lots of behind the scenes and a few “proper” shots that I attempted but hey, I was shooting beside a legend, these were Jinky visions and I was like a drooling groupie watching over her shoulder (oh crap, I’m getting all creepo again) so much was going on, it was hard to stay focused…. but I am sure you will enjoy having a peep anyway.

Thank you Jinky Art, thank you lovely Sunshine Coast photog girls. It was a workshop that I will never forget. My dream came true x



Kate - Loved reading this!!! and love your photos! Amazing!

Megan Willis - Such a good blog post! Loved reading this. I so wanted to be at this workshop, not meant to be this time. Defs going to dream sheet it! Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂 Amahzing!

Tracey - Sonnie, these photos are absolutely stunning! What an amazing weekend. Love your work x

Rebecca - Just beautiful.
My girls (& horse) are gorgeous. I may be a little bit biased but 😉

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