My 4 Hen’s Project 52 {2013}

I’m sure by now most of you know how much I love being a part of the “My Four Hens Project 52” I can’t begin to tell you how much impact it has had on the last 2 years of my photography life. I have been massively inspired, encouraged and supported, educated with love and pushed out of my comfort zone on a weekly basis. I have made some wonderful friends from around the globe, some even just down the road. It has been amazing, amazeballs amazing. I have said it over and over again – DO IT! Do it for you. Just do it. For the past 2 years I have committed and submitted a photo for 104 consecutive weeks. Each photo means so much to me. I was only late submitting once… dang it! It was my own personal challenge and I did it. Sooooooooo, I have decided to ease off a bit this year, submit every now and then, take a bit of pressure off myself. I can tell you already that I feel like I’m missing out on something. This weeks new theme came out this morning…. I am feeling odd, but happy to sit back and watch for a little while. I’ve had a bit of a crazy Christmas this year, I need to switch off a little bit more and stop to smell the roses. Life is too short. Onwards and upwards rah rah!!!!

I have bundled this years pics together to show you. I love seeing them altogether. I’m going to make a book. A big one.


wk 1 time, wk 2 fresh, wk 3 pieces of me, wk 4 routine, wk 5 fave colour, wk 6 light, wk 7 compose, wk 8 so inspired, wk 9 white, wk 10 sunshine, wk 11 wild card, wk 12 natural beauty, wk 13 pride and joy (WINNER) wk 14 warmth, wk 15 texture, wk 16 glisten, sparkle and shine, wk 17 beauty, wk 18 weather, wk 19 refreshing, wk 20 black and white, wk 21 change, wk 22 around the block, wk 23 shadows, wk 24 little and small, wk 25 bright and happy, wk 26 sky, wk 27 wild, wk 28 simple, wk 29 daily routine, wk 30 something new, wk 31 muted, wk 32 under and over, wk 33 busy, wk 34 grateful, wk 35 unconventional, wk 36 after 5pm, wk 37 something old, wk 38 seasonal, wk 39 raw, wk 40 letter of alphabet, wk 41 nostalgia, wk 42 favourite space, wk 43 rise and shine, wk 44 strength, wk 45 serene, wk 46 earthy, wk 47 heart (WINNER), wk 48 water, wk 49 festive, wk 50 poetic, wk 51 colourful, wk 52 sweet.

my 2012 M4H’s P52 … interesting to see how things change 🙂


Huge thanks to all of the M4H’s P52 peeps. Such a beautiful group, so very lovely….. super duper big thanks to sweet Sara from My Four Hen’s Photography. She is my hero. She is brilliant.

That’s a wrap folks.  loads of LOVE to all of you from me.Happy New Year! Bring on 2014.

 New Years Eve. Meh… I could be doing this…..


but I’ll most likely be doing this ….


Love ya’s, peace out x


Brooke - Eek! I loved seeing that not only because of the gorgegous journey of images you have put together but because this is my first year of the M4H P52. My kids are also half-Aussie, so I loved seeing your piece of QLD represented brilliantly!

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