monday not so fun day?

 {brace yourselves}…. soooooo, I have just discovered ‘gifs’. Now, instead of searching for funny memes, I get lost in the world of gifs… hours just *pooft* into thin air. Obsessed, yes.. but sooooo worth it.


Rad news! Remember my last post? One Direction tickets? well, thanks to the BEST NEPHEW IN THE WORLD who spotted a facey friend wanting to sell her tickets – WE HAVE TICKETS!!!!!!!! AND it was a financially sensible transaction!! HOORAH!! Bella is just going to die….. I’m soooo excited for her. We have three tickets. Bella, myself and someone who would like to remain anonymous due to a pretty much guaranteed drop in ‘cool status’ if word gets out will be rocking on down with 1D in October. Awesomesauce *double fist pump* yew!


So why is my Monday a not so fun day you ask?

arrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!! Have you seen this… this… bullshit today????? What the fudgicle????

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.33.59 PM

I have nothing……. I can’t……. WHHHHHYYYYYYYY????

rrrrrr tumblr_lw4c1uTzCm1qak4zoo1_r2_500

As if I don’t have enough devastation to deal with today … a dead Mark Darcy is the icing on the cake! I’m already on edge because……..

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 2.47.59 PM

…tonight is the night (well, it could be right now if I had not one single ounce of self control… oooh see? at least I have one ounce)…. the final episode of Breaking Bad F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Best show in THE world. Gahhhhh, so emotional. Adiós muchachos.

this will be me afterwards……….


Okies. Enough of the sad…..Let’s wrap it up with a smile……


Lovin’ and leaving you peeps….. stay groovy …. Love Sonnie x


Trudi - Bern Bern Bern ok do not say a word about the Breaking Bad finale as I cant watch it until tomorrow as Romain not home tonight so I sit and I wait!!! “I am obsessed thank you very much” still one of my favourites! Tell Bella Romian and I were sitting next to Harry Styles in a bar a few weeks ago……nothing to be proud of Russ 50 yards…… you Bern xxxxx

sonnie - my lips are sealed Bern….. Bella just swooned as I told her. She said “Is Trudi famous?”…. I said “yes, she is one of the Pink Ladies”…. my mothering skills, nothing to be proud of Russ 50 yards…. love you more my Bern xxxx

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