It’s my party and I’ll blog if I want to…

Hulloooooo. Grab a cuppa. It’s a big one!

Let’s talk about blogging. I’m a total newbie in the world of blogging. It’s… well… shall we say, ‘interesting’. Sometimes (most times) it’s sooooo great! ……………… but sometimes, it feels weird.

Great because I get to share stuff with you…..Great because it makes my brain work…..Great because I can promote by small, humble, much loved photography business…..Great because I can proudly incorporate my photography work into the posts…..Great because let’s face it, sometimes I crack myself up…..Great because I can blog whenever I want…..Great because when I get comments and read your messages it makes me HAPPY……….. sooooo happy, you have no idea.

Weird because sometimes it feels conceited, like I am a bit up myself and showing off (FYI, so not)…Weird because who really cares what I think or do?…Weird because it’s not like I’m famous (although I still wish I was a movie star…. or one of the Spice Girls. All. The. Time)…Weird because when anything ever happens I ask myself “could I blog about this?“…Weird because it takes forever to write up blog because I am soooooooooooooooo worried about making a spelling mistake so I proof read it a million times before I press ‘post’…Weird because deep down, I DO worry about what people think of me (to a point of course…. you can’t please everyone)…. what if they think I’m a bit of a knob?

Oversensitive much?… yes. Yes I am. I could have easily chucked it in last week. I understand that I’m putting myself out there and I am to expect some negative Nelly’s…. but when it happens, it really is a bit upsetting. So I had a little sook, pulled myself together with a mega week of emotional retail therapy and came out smiling. Stuff them! I worked hard on this blogsite. I am here to stay, so poo you.

I enjoy reading so many blogs out there. I look forward to them. If I don’t feel like reading them, I don’t. If I don’t like what I am reading, I stop. Simple. I expect the same. Those of you who do like what I babble on about, you’re still with me aren’t you? (thank YOU) … those of you who don’t like what you are reading – STOP READING. PLEASE DON’T FEEL THE NEED TO TELL ME THAT I SUCK. HAVE A NICE DAY.. BYEEEEEE

Most of you have been with me since F.I.I.L started. You know what I’m about. You know me. I want to say thank you. From the bottom of my toes to the tip of my nose. I love you guys….. thank you for your support.

moving on…… last week I shopped like a MOFO.

Ikea – check. I was armed with a very strict plan & budget. I broke every rule. I left Ikea feeling very bad about myself… yet I had LUUUURVED every single minute. All in all, a typical trip to Ikea with excellent results. (My sis Billie lost her Ikea virginity and filled half a trolley in under 15 minutes. So proud. She also proved herself to be quite a genius when it came to assembly. If not for her, my groovy green storage cupboard would still be flat packed. Thank you Bill. You rock)

Next up – Apple Store … what can I say… I was treated like a princess. My dreams came true. I have Mac. It’s beautiful. What a magical place……

Extravagant week…. remember my computer death? It had to happen. I’m still feeling a bit guilty, but I regret nothing.

To wrap up the week my lovely Mum suggested we head out to Nambour to the Collectorama Fair…. meh, yeah, ok. I wasn’t expecting much. HELLOOOOOO!!!! It was a huge world of smelly vintage stuff. So much prettiness everywhere!!! So much to take in!! I spotted some chunky old telephones. I wanted one. $195. Um, no. Not this week. I spotted a stunning rocking horse. I wanted it. I stood there and argued with myself. I was drooling. $240. Nup. Not this week. I was strong and didn’t fold. But I will NEVER forget that rocking horse. A red suitcase!! For $12!!! Yes please. A stack of old Enid Blyton books for $8! Yes please. Seersucker flower power tablecloth $15!! Yes please…. LOVE THIS PLACE! Look at me go, I’m actually ‘Antiquing’…. It was great to speak to the sellers. Each of them happily explained and passionately chatted about whatever it was they were selling. They truly loved it. I had a long, but lovely conversation with two beautiful grandmothers about Royal Dalton dolls ..ehem, pardon moi…figurines. They made me want to buy one then and there… one day I will, for my Bella. I was inspired by salt and pepper shakers and decided that when I am a granny I will start a collection to pass on to my Grandchildren……. Amazingly, at one of the last stalls, on the way out, I found it!! The chunky black telephone. I saw so many that day, expensive ones, none under $120. This baby was half hidden by a couple of containers, very dirty and marked with a $30 price tag. YESSSS!!!!! I literally POUNCED on it!! I’ll take it!!! She polished up a treat. It was meant to be. Awesome day!

{Here’s a little Instagram run down of the past couple of weeks…. I LOVE Instagram, don’t you? Send me your user name or follow me & I’ll follow back so I can see your pretty pics. My call sign is ‘sonniematherphotography’ or click here for my instagram link…. If you don’t have Instagram yet…. get onto it now. You will love it! Such a wonderful way to document everyday life}

Wowsers! What a long blog!….. just one more thing, then I’ll let you go. 5o Shades casting …… thoughts? I must say, I am extremely happy with the choice of Christian…. Hot diggity dawg! Phwoarrrrrr!!!!!

Thanks for reading lovely peeps…..until next time MMWAHH… Love Sonnie x

{Oh Ryan, you are sooooo naughty!} 


Trudi - Ok I can’t comment on anything else in your blog other than say “who the hell said you suck”???? And how dare they!!! Do they not know you at all!? Do they not laugh until tears are streaming down their face!? I am maaaad how dare they tell my Bern she sucks!!!

sonnie - ahhhhhh my Bern…. I am so lucky to have you x

Stacy - Looking forward to your blogs Sonnie!! You crack me up 🙂 xx

sonnie - welcome aboard lovely Stace! xxx

Rachel - Son, you had me at ‘Hullooo’!! What a way with words, so entertaining. Keep being you as you Rock!!

Billy - YaaaYeahhhhhhhhh………….

sonnie - thank you my Rachey xoxox

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