imagination will take you everywhere

Sometimes I will be editing a shoot and it totally consumes me. I get so excited about it that I find it hard to go to sleep. My back will be aching, eye balls burning, bone tired, yet still I so badly want to go back to computer to keep going. My silly old body won’t go on, but my brain stays awake……I fall asleep eventually thinking about tomorrow…. sometimes I wake up with an idea. Like this morning (I get my best ideas either first thing in the morning or while I am having a shower, weirdo me).

Let me start by saying that I know I am not the first photog to ever use a balloon in a shot, nor am I the first person to create this shot. It’s not original. I know. However, it is a shot that I have always, always, always wanted to do. This morning I knew that today was the day. It was going to happen. My darling Mum always says “You can do it if you really want” and it’s so true. I believe you can do anything you really want if you really, really want to.

I am extremely lucky to have this stunning yummy mummy as my client…. more on her gorgeous family in a few weeks with a complete blog post of their shoot. Kelly is a fellow Photog, extremely talented, a super mummy, a gorgeous girl inside and out … and best of all, she gets me! She totally understood why all regular editing came to a halt for the day… why I just HAD to make this photo come together. Plus, I extra love her because we have the same taste, she’s funny and she looks like a movie star.

Anyhoo, I’m blogging this pic because I want to show you how it came together. I’m no Photoshop pro, just self taught and have my own little way of doing things. Not sure if it’s the “right” way but it works for me! I’ll keep it basic but remember I’m pretty much an open book and I’m happy to share what I know (although I must admit, I’m feeling a bit ‘exposed’ posting SOOC/unedited images. It’s like walking around in my underwear in public … awkies)


So, I started by cutting little Flynn and the balloon basket from the first image … then moved him and balloon basket over to the sand/tree photo.


Next, I lifted Flynn and balloon basket up into the sky and placed them on a slight angle … I cut gorgeous mummy out of the following pic and popped her onto the sand/tree/Flynn/balloon basket pic, resized her to proportion, flipped her around to face the other way …. then I spent a long long long loooooooooooong time cloning, painting, erasing to get everything realistic looking. At last I had a base image to work on. Happy moment!


Finally, I sprinkled some Sonnie Mather Photography pixie editing dust all over it … ta dahhh. I LOVE it! Worth every moment, a happy ending!

See?… you CAN do it if you really want!

Thanks for tuning in beautiful peeps… until next time, mwahh! …. love Sonnie x


Justine Bath - Wow. Wow. Wow. You are amazing and your mum is right. You CAN do anything!

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