I big fluffy heart them

The Wilson family is my family. They are BIG loves in my life. Jennifer (a.k.a Jenny’s-furr or Hirtsy) is my BFF, we go waaaaaaaaay back, about 38 years back. Needless to say she knows almost everything about me. So if one day I become really, REALLY famous, she could quite easily cash in and write a tell all scandalous bio on moi …. though I do doubt it, I have far too much on her. HA! Life has been good with her in it. Yep. I would be lost without her. She is truly beautiful, ultra funny and VERY smart. She’s my dawg… Duncan is my best friend too and I loved him from the day I met him… Miss Holly is my gorgeous god daughter. I had 5 minutes to cuddle her before I jumped on a plane to London almost 19 years ago. That was tough… I camped out in the labour ward with Duncan for Miss Caitlin’s birth. I was told by the grumpy midwife that I talked too much and I got the fright of my life watching my friend go through the awful pain of contractions… I was there when they brought Miss Georgie home. Jennifer popped out this sweet little baby, had a cuppa and came straight home from hospital all in one day. Amazing… Young Joel was born a day after I had a miscarriage. Then 12 months later, after celebrating his first birthday, my waters broke and my little Bella was born. Twins! (almost)… These awesome human beings will be forever intwined in my heart. How lucky I am…….. I dragged them out to the state forrest, Jennifer only wanted one family photo… hellooooooooo UNHEARD OF! Absolutely impossible to stop at one. TOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you Wilson’s, for everything, love love love yooooooo’s xoxo



Kim - Beautiful….. Sonnie you are so talented.

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