helloooo ~ I have a blog!

I have always, always wanted a blog site…. a place to show my photography, a place to say what I want to say, a place to share things,  it’s my very own place… it’s all mine. I love it when things are all mine. Just mine. I know, I know, I’m sounding like a spoilt brat, but really, it is ALL MINE. And to make it even more special, I made it myself. I’m patting myself on the back for that! I’ve always thought that it would be too hard, too time consuming, that I couldn’t possibly do it myself. I wanted something a bit fancy, simple to navigate, something me. I could see it in my mind. I wanted it so bad, it was up there on my ‘dream list’ along with a trip to Paris, the new 5D Mark III, a “Jinky Art” workshop, about a million dollars worth of  ‘L’ series lenses, world peace, ya know, stuff like that. I wanted it. NOW!!!!!

So, I made enquiries with some extremely talented blog designers. I knew that I would have to really tightly budget for this blog site to happen … and wait. Because they are so awesome, they have very, very, long wait lists… Soooo, I thought while I was waiting, I might look into this DIY website thing ….. and then that little Ryan Gosling voice in my head said “Hey girl, if they can do it, you can do it”  hmmmm, dunno about that Ryan. I knew nothing about websites. Oh look at that! Sunshine Coast Community College has a “Build Your Website in WordPress” course happening. Sign me up! (by the way, I highly recommend that course. It was fantastic and the teacher is amazing) So I took the plunge, hooked up hosting, invested in ProPhoto and I was off like a dirty shirt!! I wasn’t mucking around any more. I was doing it!

{thanks for that Ryan….such a sweetheart}

Over the last few weeks I have managed to get (ok, feeks like) about 5 hours sleep all up (because once I start something that I love, I just can’t stop. For example, Candy Crush, Game Of Thrones, a block of chocolate…you get my driftand during those few hours of sleep that I did get, I would dream about logo placement, fonts, colours, uploads, code, menu’s, gallery’s, categories, headers and all that stuff…. every day, every hour, I felt like this ~

I neglected my darling children. They survived on ABC Kids, two minute noodles and chicken nuggets (Bella will probably have boobs by the time she is nine and Tori will probably grow a beard any day now) I would put the little kids to bed, then 2 hours later I would yell out “Bella, it’s bedtime” and Tori would be all like “erm, derrr you put her to bed like 2 hours ago”.  As for poor little Tom, he was forced to throw matchbox cars at the back of my head to get my attention and his latest catch phrase is “shush! I’m working, in a minute!” All I can say is – thank you Mum, thank you coffee and thank you diet coke. You got me through……..just. And not without quite a few “Dawson” moments of looking like this… quite a few indeed. 

Now here we are. The day has finally arrived. THIS is my very first blog post. I have to say I’m a little nervous. I hope at least someone reads it (note the comment section my friends, be my guest). I’m also a bit sad, I think I will miss logging in and tearing my hair out on a daily basis. But think of all the fun we are going to have! All the pretty stuff I can show you! All the blogging I have in front of me! Maybe even a give away! Maybe even bring F.I.I.L back in some way…. opportunities are endless now that I’ve hit the big time kids. Yes, I’m feeling pretty clever at the moment …. and victorious….. and happy….. feeling that final lift in Dirty Dancing feeling….. and I owe it all to yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou….. enjoy…. L.O.V.E Sonnie x

p.s. Still with me? … lovely… I want to mention the following peeps who have helped me along………. My Mum ~ the best Mum in the world, my daughter Tori (a.k.a Cinders), the very talented Jazzy & Bells ~ future movie producers in the making for sure, my legendary computer dude Mathew from Hofftek IT Solutions, Gina from Graphite Banana Multimedia (website guru) and my gorgeously lovely girls from Soul Sister Photogs …. Thank you sooooooo much for your help and support. You guys are amazeballs. Love ya’s x


Kate - Go you! I love it. Love the colours. Love the FONTS. And absolutely LOVE your work!

Natalie - My dear friend…..what can I say….YOUR AMAZING….so talented. Very funny stuff and of course beautiful photography xxxx

Sophie | Bluebells on the Green - This looks AWESOME! I love the blog you should probably include Ryan in every post, don’t think anyone would mind 🙂 xxx

Anna Backman - Congratulations Sonnie!! I love finding your photographs when I open my Facebook page and will now enjoy following your website!! I have always admired those with an ability to capture such treasured moments….and now your top of the list!! Beautiful pictures.

Justine - Wowsers! So proud, so proud.

Linda Robilliard - Wow Sonnie, great Website!!!! Congrats to you my friend x

sonnie - Thank you all soooooooo much 🙂 I LOVE reading your comments!! Makes me so happpy MWAHH xxxx

Heidi - As I’ve said on many occasions… Sonnie you’re amazing! I love your website/blog site! It is sooooooo you through and through! You write how you talk, I love that. You have an amazing talent, the skies the limit 🙂 x

Megan Gale - Absolutely love it Sonnie and so honoured to see our beautiful photos on here. And yes you are AWESOME!!!!

Meags - I thought you had gone quiet with FIIL now I know why. This fantastic – pity your not in Adelaide I’d have lots of business for you xx

legendary computer dude Mathew - Aww Shucks… it was nuthin!
Congrats on the site – looks fantastic.
See ya soon!

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