beautiful family, beautiful town

I was so very lucky to spend time with this beautiful family a few weeks ago. They asked if I would like to come to their hometown for the shoot and I was thrilled to hear that they lived in Pomona. Oh my gaaaaaaaad I LOVE that place!!! Endless ‘spots’ that catch the late afternoon glow… so many old buildings (my all time fave), iconic buildings, so green and lush, so colourful… amazing. I was in heaven. Throw in 2 gorgeous boys with impeccable manners, charming personalities, and of course their furry friends – what a magical combination!! To add to the excitement, Dad is a fireman and was called in just as we finished the last shot of the day. On the way to the station I turned to young Mitchell in the back of the car and whispered “wow, your Dad is a Fireman! This is so exciting, just like the movies“. His chest puffed up and his eyes glistened with pride. How brave their Dad is! The boys and lovely Kathy are so proud of Ken… me too!… so proud of all the Fire-ies and the wonderful, incredible job that they do……… see how lucky I am? How lucky I am to meet amazing families through my job. How lucky I am to see how much they love and admire each other. It’s pretty special. Thank you so much sweet Lavender’s. It was my absolute pleasure to photograph your beautiful family in your beautiful town….. love Sonnie x



Bec Walker - Ah-mah-zing! That is all 🙂

Lyndal Cross - Beautiful, amazing and moving as always Sonnie!!!! Just gorgeous pics and your Intro…so special! x

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